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The experts at Lakeshore Electric Service do electrical work for the Benzie, MI area. We can see to all of your residential, commercial and industrial electric needs. We also specialize in cell phone boosting technology, making cellular dead zones a thing of the past! Our technicians are licensed and insured to do quality electrical work at an affordable price.

Electrical Rewiring - Benzie, MI - Lakeshore Electric Service

Lakeshore Electric Service Covers:

  • Electrical rewiring -  including remodeling wire work, energy-saving controls, electrical troubleshooting and more
  • New construction electrical work - we install lighting systems, exterior wiring, lighting layout design and more
  • Cell phone boosters - we offer mobile amplifiers, mobile antennas, cell phone adapter cables and more

Electrical problems don't always appear on an 8 to 5 schedule - that's why we offer emergency service hours. Effective lighting makes your new kitchen or bathroom look that much better, so don't wait!

Contact Lakeshore Electric Service today at 231-383-0732 for your free estimate.

You can also call us at 231-882-0251.

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